Custom Frederick Sell Rifle in Progress

We are currently building a custom Frederick Sell rifle for one of our customers.  This rifle features one of our custom wrought iron barrels and will be fully mounted in all hand-made hardware using 18th Century technology. 

We are currently working on the decoration work on this rifle. The carving has been completed, and the engraving is under way.  So far the features on this rifle are as follows;  Wrought Iron Barrel with Hand Made Brass barrel keepers.  Hand Forged Wrought Iron Breech Plug.  Sand cast trigger guard and buttplate both done here in our shop.   Hand-forged trigger and trigger plate. Hand made pierced sideplate made from cast sheet brass. Hand swaged and filed ram rod pipes and a two piece swaged muzzle cap.  Hand Made Four Piece Brass Patchbox with pierced sideplates.  Hand Made toe plate with hand made patchbox release.  Hand Made Sterling Silver Moon inlay in the cheekpiece.  All architecture was carefully done to mimic the original Frederick Sell rifle even down to the ram rod tip with the flared brass button.