Custom Lancaster Rifle SOLD

This Early Lancaster style rifle was custom made by a local builder. It is based on the Bicentennial Pattern that was designed in 1976. The 44 inch, 54 caliber full octagon barrel was made by Colerain Barrel Company and is an excellent shooter. The muzzle is coned and the barrel has an “aged” finish applied to the exterior. The lock is a Large Siler and provides fast, sure and reliable ignition. The rifle is stocked in a hard piece of Curly Maple with hand made wood patchbox and a 13 3/4″ trigger pull. The stain and finish are traditional and give the gun a dark, warm appearance. There is just enough evidence of usage to give this rifle a great realistic feel. This is a very high quality rifle, being offered at a modest cost, which makes it a great value for a serious hunter or reenactor.

Price: $1800.00