Unique Virginia Rifle by Brad Emig SOLD

This early 18th Century Virginia Rifle exhibits many unique characteristics found on original examples. The rifle is stocked in an extremely hard piece of high quality curly ash, stained with an 18th century formula of nitric acid, and finished with a hand rubbed oil finish which gives this rifle fantastic color and depth. The stock has 1/4 inch of cast off and a 13 3/4 inch trigger pull length. The custom swamped 54 cal. barrel is rifled with straight rifling which gives the shooter the option of shooting shot, or a patched round ball. The rifling is round bottom for easy loading and cleaning, and the muzzle is hand coned for ease of loading. The custom brass patchbox is fully engraved with 18th century style hand cut engraving. The large brass Moravian Star on the cheekpiece is also fully hand engraved. This is a signed, high quality, unique rifle that will give it’s owner a lifetime of dependable service.

Price: $4600.00