.54 cal Colonial Pistol Kit SOLD

We have one of our Colonial American Pistol Kits stocked in a nice piece of Select Curly Maple, ready and available!  If you’re not familiar with our pistol kit, this design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War.  Our unique barrel is being CNC Machined by Rice Barrel Co. exclusively for this pistol. It measures 8 3/4″ long and is octagon to round – tapered and flared, with a graceful wedding band at the transition and is supplied with a hand-fit breech plug.  The lock is a Small Siler flintlock from Jim Chambers and our modified pistol trigger is from R.E. Davis.  All brass mounts are of exceptional quality, being lost wax cast to provide a neat and clean finish.  All necessary components to build a completed pistol are included in the kit.

Price: $800.00