Custom Moravian Rifle

This is a very cool and interesting project.  It will feature on of our custom Machined wrought iron barrels with a hand forged breech plug.  We will be using an all Hand Forged Wrought Iron Lock made by Clay Smith of Williamsburg.  This rifle will feature all hand made mounts and hardware. 

The sideplate which is made from cast sheet brass is styled after the an original Christian Springs rifle.  The rifle features a Hand Forged trigger and trigger plate.  We Hand Cast the buttplate here in the shop using 18th Century tools and technology.  Hand Made wood screws were made to secure the buttplate to the stock. Once the buttstock profiling was done we swaged out a piece of cast sheet brass and hand cut out the Moravian star.  Once shaped to the architecture of the cheek piece it was inlet and screwed down with a hand made wood screw.  We then made an all hand made wood patch box using a piece of matching curly maple and cast brass sheet for the end.  The pipes for this rifle are among the most difficult to make.  They are hand rolled of coarse but are swaged in the middle giving them a fatter "barrel" look.  The pipe is a widder dimension in the middle and swaged down to 3/8" on the end.  Then they are filled up not with  "octagon" flats but they are "Diamond Fasated" which gives quite a bold look to the pipes.Once the pipes were inlet we got the forestock shaped down close to size and made a hand made One piece swaged muzzle cap for it.   We hand cast a one-off trigger guard here in the shop using soft yellow brass like the rest of the rifle.  The guard was then filed up and fully polished in the style of our Christian Springs Model.

This rifle is "In the White" and is ready to be carved and engraved!