36 cal. Southern Mt. Rifle by Chuck Edwards SOLD

This is an exceptionally well done Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle Kit by Chuck Edwards.  The 1820’s styling of the rifle is based on the work of Whitson out of western North Carolina and has been upgraded and embellished by Chuck with a sleek and slender side plate, an engraved toe plate, accented engraving on the barrel at the sights and breech, a grease hole in the stock, a forestock molding and a decorated muzzle.  The colors and aging on the rifle really bring it to life with a warm and warn feeling.  Still retaining a “like new” condition, it doesn’t appear to have hardly ever been used.

It features a 36 caliber, 46” custom profiled barrel with square bottom rifling, Ketland Flintlock and Kibler’s CNC machined double set triggers.

Stock has a pull of about 13.75” and a drop of approximately 3 5/8” and no cast off.

Price: $2500.00