54 cal. Colonial Virginia Rifle Kit SOLD


We currently have a .54 caliber Colonial Virginia kit in stock and ready to ship. The Virginia kit is stocked in a piece of Grade 3 Curly Maple with good grain structure.  This Colonial Virginia kit features a 42″ long tapered and flared Colerain C weight barrel with Gain Twist rifling.  The lock is a Chambers Deluxe Siler that has been completely hand tuned by Brad.  The trigger pull is set at 13 5/8″. All necessary hardware is included to build a complete rifle.

Speedy Hogarth Bag SOLD


This is a nice sized, used bag made by Speedy Hogarth. Speedy’s bags are all hand stitched and of the highest quality to ensure a long life. The measurements of the bag are 12″ tall by 11″ wide, with a 2″ wide leather strap. There are multiple internal pockets for storage as well as a large external pocket on the front flap.

Left Handed Jaeger


This is a nice .54 caliber left handed Jaeger built by D.M. Davies.  It features a 31″ Getz swamped barrel, Large Siler lock and Davis double set triggers.  It is outfitted with a woven sling and is decorated with relief carving, engraving and wire inlay.   The trigger pull length falls right in at 14 1/4″.

Antique Powder Horn


This is a neat little original horn that measures 9.5″ long on the outside curve.  It has a carved and faceted tip, nicely shaped profile and a pleasingly turned base plug.  The overall condition is really nice with its great original surfaces.

Original Horn, Dated 1861


This is an original horn, dated 1861 and accompanied by the owners initials.  It has great surfaces and color as well as a pleasing curve and twist to the shape.  Other than the little bit of material missing from the base, it appears to be in all original condition.  The horn measures 15″ long on the outside curve.

Frontier Knife by Steve Nuckels


This is a large Frontier Knife by Steve Nuckels of Potomac Forge.  The 8 1/2″ long blade is forged from 1084 steel and accentuated by a decorated wrought iron guard and copper bolster.  The handle is whitetail deer antler and features a file decorated crown with copper accents.  The overall length of the knife is 14″ and it also comes with a hand stitched and hand tooled sheath by Steve.

18th Century Style Turn Screw by Brad


This 18th Century style turn screw is entirely hand made from original, unworked 18th Century Wrought Iron. It is constructed from one solid piece of iron and decorated with a suppressed ball turning, ogee moldings and hand engraved finial. It was finished off using the correct heat treating technology of the period to ensure proper function and longevity during use.   It measures 3″ in overall length.

Billy Watson Damascus Folder SOLD


This is a really nice Billy Watson Damascus folder, numbered “22″ on the blade.  The hand forged blade measures 4 1/2″ long with an overall open length of 10″ and a closed length of 5 1/2″.  It’s in great condition with a firm spring and locks in solid.

Antique Powder Horn SOLD


Nice original powder horn in good useable conditional.  The horn measures 12″ on the outside curve and has a slight curve and twist making it ideal for right hand carry.  It has an air tight seal and retains its original surface with a nice patina.  It would make a great carry horn on a backwoods bag.

Neck Knife with Quilled Sheath SOLD


This is one of Shanes hand forged knives paired up with a quilled neck sheath made by Bill Wright.  It measures 6″ overall with a 3″ long blade, perfect for skinning and cleaning or just cutting patches.  The handle is Curly Maple with a hand engraved pewter bolster and hand engraved sterling silver pommel cap.

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