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It is with extreme sadness that we must pass along the following information.

On Friday, February 17th at 3:12 pm, our longtime friend and faithful Arms Making Workshop student Randy Zartman, lost his battle with Cancer and went home to be with the Lord. Randy fought the good fight, always with a smile, a great attitude and a kind word for everyone. He was an inspiration to everyone who knew him, and will be greatly missed.

Services are scheduled for Friday, February 24th at 4:00 pm at LCBC Church, which is located at 2392 Mount Joy Rd. Manheim PA. 17545

Tow Worm and Ball Puller Combo SOLD


We have two sets of our tow worm and ball puller combos in stock and ready to ship. These were just completed by Brad and are 18th Century period correct and hand made. They are approx. 3″ long and feature 8×32 threads. The larger worm will fit a .54 caliber bore or larger and the smaller worm will fit a .40 caliber bore or larger. One worm and one puller per set. Price per set is $90

Eastern Wool Gun Cover


We have our Eastern Wool Gun Covers back in stock!! They are locally made from high quality blanket grade wool and are designed to perform the necessary function of keeping moisture away from your rifle while offering a cushion of protection during transportation. Overall length is 66″.
Price is $25/each

Custom Rifle by Jason Hogarth


This custom rifle by Jason Hogarth is based on the work of John Bonewitz. Jason used his own artistic expression and the influence of Bonewitz’s work to produce this iron mounted long rifle. It features a 42″ Colerain “B weight” barrel in .45 caliber, an L&R Lock and Davis double-set triggers. It has a trigger pull length of 13 7/8″. The custom made iron patch box features silver accents and was hand engraved by Larry Gardner. The rifle is completely relief carved front to back with a very elegant and pleasing motif on the cheek piece side of the rifle. The barrel is signed “J C H” on the top flat.

New Speedy Hogarth Bag SOLD


This is a new Speedy Hogarth bag that we just received. It’s a very pleasing design with a beautiful woven strap that is fully adjustable. The bag measures 10 1/2″ high and tapers from 9 1/2″ wide at the top to 10 1/2″ wide at the bottom. Inside the bag is a double accessory pocket and 3 tool loops giving plenty of storage for all necessary accouterments. On the back of the bag there is a very nice size pocket that could be used to carry topographical maps or other trekking equipment.

Antique Candle Snuffer Wick Trimmers


Original pair of Antique Candle Snuffer Wick Trimmers. Designed to snuff the flame of your candle while also trimming the wick to the appropriate height. Very nice condition and great design. The overall length is 6 3/4″

Success In the Field


George is a student in our Arms Making workshop and has now built himself several rifles, returning year after year to perfect his skills. He is also an avid hunter who spends a lot of time in the woods working up the perfect load for his rifles. He recently harvested a doe using his Straight Rifled VA rifle that he built here at our Arms Making Workshop. Congratulations George!

“I had my Virginia Rifle ready as we hiked into the swamp, and 30 minutes later I shot a doe angling towards me at 25yds. She dropped in her tracks proving the effectiveness of a 54 cal soft lead round ball and the reliable accuracy of a Flintlock gun architected and configured by Cabin Creek Muzzleloading. Thanks for everything you guys are teaching me about 18th Century American Muzzleloading.” George Stiles

Success In the Field


Tom Shaw, a longtime student in our Arms Making Workshop, harvested this beautiful Pennsylvania Turkey this year with his smoothbore, Pennsylvania Mountain Rifle that he built during last year’s Workshop. Congratulations to Tom on a beautiful turkey harvest using a rifle he crafted himself!

Success In the Field


Thom Stein, a longtime friend and local hunter here in York PA, shot this monster 12 point with his .54 caliber flintlock rifle that was custom built by Brad. Thom said he weighed in at 200lbs!! Congratulations to Thom on a beautiful buck!

Custom Hunting Bag SOLD


This is a great 18th Century style bag that has been Brad’s personal hunting and shooting bag for several years. This bag definitely has “The Look” as it has traveled many miles while trekking and hunting in the Eastern Pennsylvania woods. The bag measures approximately 9″ wide and 9 1/2″ tall, and contains many unique features. There is an ample size pocket on the back of the bag where Brad always carried his fire starting kit as well as several topographical maps. The front side of the shoulder strap is equipped with a wonderful “slide pocket” as well as a sheath for a patch knife. The back of the strap is fully adjustable, with a period correct brass buckle. The interior of the bag contains two large compartments, set at different levels, in order to provide easy access. Each large compartment has also been fit with an accessory pocket. The complete interior has been well thought out, in order to provide maximum storage in a limited space. The bag is completely hand sewn and is very high quality. The entire perimeter of the bag is finished with hand sewn “piping”, as are the top edges of the interior compartments. The exterior is finished with a unique flap design that is both visually pleasing and highly functional. This bag was custom made for Brad by Speedy Hogarth. As a bonus, we are including a hand made ball bag at no additional cost.

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