Emboidered Bag by Jim Webb


This little bag was made by Jim Webb. It has been hand decorated by Jim with his signature embroidery work on the flap as well as the face of the bag. It measures 7 3/4″ wide by 7″ tall and has an adjustable leather strap.

Original Horn with Custom Strap


This is a neat original horn with great patina, color and aged surface. It has a slight curve and twist making it comfortable to carry as it hugs the body. The base plug is hard yellow pine with an old rose head nail for fastening the strap. The horn measures 12 1/2″ on the outside curve which makes for an all-around good size horn. The strap was made from bark tan deer hide and is fully adjustable with an iron buckle.

Bag, Knife & Accouterment Set SOLD


This is a great outfit made and but together by Terry Crawford. The bag features a scallop decorated flap, front slit pocket, double inside pocket with tool loops, a hand woven strap, rear mounted patch knife, hand made ball bag and a handmade pick and brush set. The bag measures 8 3/4″ wide and 8″ tall making this a great size bag that offers a lot of room for storage and accouterments. The patch knife is marked “WF” and features a Curly Maple handle, spine decoration and a razor sharp edge. The overall length of the knife is 9″ with a blade measuring 5″ long. The pick & brush set were hand turned from bone and feature a horse hair brush with a brass chain attachment. The ball bag is made from brain tanned leather with a turned bone spout and wood carved stopper. This is a very attractive setup that offers a lot of quality and usability.

Fort Meigs Axe


The Fort Meigs Axe with Hickory handle is the perfect sized axe for trecking, hunting or setting up camp. The head measures 4 1/2″ long with a 1 7/8″ tall cutting edge and is outfitted with a 12 1/2″ handle. This axe remains in like new condition and appears to have rarely ever been used. Included with the axe is a custom hand made leather scabbard.

Embroidered Bag by Jim Webb SOLD


This is a beautifully made and hand embroidered bag by Jim Webb.  There’s no area on this bag that has gone unnoticed, with every area given attention to detail.  The bag is made from goat skin and lined with linen.  It measures 9″ long and 7 1/2″ wide, features an inside pocket for extra storage and a double adjustable strap.  The strap has every bit as much detail as the bag, being fully decorated and backed with wool and leather.  If you’re looking for a bag that’s highly decorated and very unique, this is the bag for you.

Smooth Rifle by Bobby Hoyt SOLD


This is a custom built, 28 guage smooth rifle made by Bobby Hoyt. It features one of Bobby’s custom made octagon to round barrels measuring in at just over 50″ long. For the ignition of the rifle, Bobby chose to go with a Ditchburn lock which are of the highest quality. The rifle is stocked in a piece of figured Curly Maple and mounted with brass hardware. The trigger pull falls right in at 13 3/8″ making this a very comfortable gun to shoot.

Wrought Iron Spikes


These wrought iron spikes were originally made for the restoration of the USS Constitution. They measure 4″ long and 1/4″ thick making them perfect for forging lock bolts, gun screws, iron hardware, rat tail hinges, crane hooks, beam hooks, gate hooks & latches as well as many other small items. They are available in bundles of 20 for $10.

18th Century Candle Sticks


We have two 18th Century French, push up candle sticks available. Both candle sticks are in original, untouched condition with no repairs. They each offer slightly different features and design, while both being very attractive pieces. The tallest candle stick measures 7 3/4″ tall and the shorter one measures 6 7/8″ tall.
Price: $160 for the pair

Custom Hand Made Pouch


This is a superb hand made pouch with wonderful aging and full of character. The pouch measures 7 1/2″ deep and 6 1/2″ wide, the perfect size for carrying your necessities. It features piped edges, a home spun lining and an adjustable strap of woven hemp. The combination of textures and materials gives this bag a unique and honest look.

Frederick Sell Rifle


This rifle is based heavily on the existing work of Frederick Sell, while incorporating a higher level of workmanship and decoration. It features one of our custom wrought iron barrels and is fully mounted in all hand-made hardware that was crafted using 18th Century technology.

Some of the features on this rifle are as follows; Wrought Iron Barrel with Hand Made Brass barrel keepers. Hand made brass and iron rear sight. Hand Forged Wrought Iron Breech Plug. Sand cast trigger guard and buttplate both done here in our shop. Hand-forged trigger and trigger plate. Hand made pierced sideplate made from cast sheet brass. Hand swaged and filed ram rod pipes and a two piece swaged muzzle cap. Hand Made Four Piece Brass Patchbox with pierced sideplates. Hand Made toe plate and patchbox release. Hand Made Sterling Silver Moon inlay in the cheekpiece. All architecture was carefully done to mimic the original Frederick Sell rifle, even down to the ram rod tip with flared brass button.

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