RevSpec Category: Items For Sale

Ash stocked “Barn Gun”

This Ash stocked “Barn Gun” is unsigned, but has been well built and outfitted with quality parts.  It features a 38″ Colerain “B” weight barrel in .40 caliber and a Large Siler Flintlock from Jim Chambers.  Built with Lancaster, Pennsylvania style architecture, the rifle holds and points well.  The .40 caliber round ball is notorious […]

York Co. Style Rifle by Lowell Haarer SOLD

Stocked in a great piece of curly maple, this York County style rifle by Lowell Haarer features a neatly engraved 4 piece brass patchbox, silver star cheek inlay, brass wrist inlay and a nicely engraved sideplate to match. The combination of relief and incise carving on the rifle really brings it all together to create […]

Copy of Original Fort William Henry Horn by John Proud SOLD

This finely made, decorated horn was hand crafted by John Proud.  It is a copy of an original surviving example and is full of quality workmanship.  On the outside display of the horn there is a space for the owners name to be inscribed, and under that it reads “His horn Camp at Lake George […]

Bag Horn by John Proud SOLD

This beautiful new bag horn was made by John Proud.  It exhibits clean and detailed workmanship with a nice curve and twist to be worn comfortably.  It measures 14″ on the outside curve and a base diameter of 2 5/8″. Price: $345.00

Wrought Iron Utensil Rack

Beautifully contoured and decorated with ornamental scroll work, this wrought iron utensil rack is dainty in size and displays a rich patina.  It’s simplistic yet flowing design with a 3 hook hanger would make it ideal to fit into almost any space. Most likely early 19th century. H: 7″   W: 12″   D: 4″ Price: […]

54 caliber Pennsylvania Mountain Rifle SOLD

Here’s one of our PA Mountain Rifles that we just recently finished.  The Mountain Rifle is based on rifles found in the “Blue Mountain” region of eastern Pennsylvania, with its clean lines that exemplify beauty in simplicity.  This particular rifle is stocked in a beautiful piece of hard Ash that offers its own unique personality […]

Southern Banded Horn w/ Custom Strap SOLD

I can’t speak highly enough about this beautifully made Southern Banded Horn that was expertly hand crafted by Mike Small.  I feel this is one of the best contemporary interpretations of a banded horn that I’ve come across.  The horn has a light and elegant feel, showcasing delicate turnings, symmetry, and overall expert composition.  Paired […]

.54 cal Colonial Pistol Kit SOLD

We have one of our Colonial American Pistol Kits stocked in a nice piece of Select Curly Maple, ready and available!  If you’re not familiar with our pistol kit, this design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War.  Our unique barrel is […]

Forged Axe by Todd Hughes SOLD

This little axe was hand forged by blacksmith Todd Hughes.  Todd used to set up at Fort Frederick a number of years ago and always had a wide variety of axes available.  It’s a nice size for either a camp axe or bag axe, with the head measuring 5″ oal with a 12.5″ long haft.

Frank Willis Horn SOLD

This is a nice hand made powder horn by Frank Willis.  It has a curve and a twist that make it ideal for left handed carry.  Very nice condition overall, appearing to have barely been used.  Outfitted with a woven strap that measures 36″ long from ring to ring. Price: $265.00