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Berks Co. Screw Tip Horn

Berks County Screw Tip powder horn by John Proud.  Nicely turned walnut base plug, applied collar and threaded tip.  It has a graceful shape to the body allowing it to possibly be carried either right or left handed.  Measures approx. 15″ on the outside curve. Price: $375.00

York County Screw Tip Powderhorn SOLD

York County Screw Tip powder horn made by Spark Mumma of Circle M horns.   It comes outfitted with an adjustable leather strap with brass buckle by Terry Crawford, and includes a hand made powder measure that is affixed to the strap.  The horn measures 14″ around the outside curve and features a slight curve […]

.50 caliber Yorktown SOLD

Here’s one of our Yorktown Rifles stocked in an exceptional piece of presentation quality Curly Maple.  It features a 39″ Green Mountain barrel in .50 caliber and a Large Siler flintlock from Jim Chambers. The lock has just been completely gone over and hand tuned for a fast and reliable ignition. The stain and finish […]

.50 caliber Martin Fry SOLD

Martin Fry was an iconic gunsmith in York Pennsylvaina, producing some of the highest quality rifles of the golden age.  In the book “Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age”, Joe Kindig Jr wrote that “the Frys were a very important gunsmithing family in York” and “I hope that someone will study Martin […]

.40 caliber York County Rifle **Sale Pending**

This highly decorated .40 caliber York County rifle was built by J.D. Thompson and is signed #23 on the side flat.  It features a 40.5″ long Douglas Barrel with 8 groove rifling, double set triggers and a Large Siler flintlock.  The muzzle has been hand coned for ease of loading.  Some of the decorative features […]

Shooting Bag and Accouterment Set SOLD

This is a brand new outfit that is fully set up and ready to use. The bag was all hand made and hand sewn by Terry Crawford and features an adjustable strap with brass buckle. It’s a nice size bag measuring 10″ tall by 8″ wide. It has a slit pocket on the front, flint […]

Buffalo Bag by Terry Crawford SOLD

Hand made bag by Terry Crawford, all hand stitched from Buffalo hide.  Very pliable and nice size useable bag measuring 10″ tall by 9″ wide at the base.  Features a fully adjustable strap with brass buckle, scalloped flap and three small accouterment pockets. Price: $300.00

Center Seam Shooting Bag

Center Seam Shooting Bag by Terry Crawford.  Adjustable strap with brass buckle.  Double tool pouch on the interior of the bag and a small accesory pocket on the rear.  Measures 9.5″ tall by 7″ wide at the top. Price: $200.00

20 ga. Colonial American Fowler SOLD

Here is one of our Colonial American Fowlers stocked in Curly Maple!  This is one that we built a few years back and has just been completely gone over, cleaned and refinished.  It features a 42″ long tapered and flared, octagon to round 20 gauge Colerain Barrel with the addition of a rear sight for […]

Decorated Powder Horn SOLD

This is a very nice, artisticly scrimshawed powder horn signed “CH 96″ that just came out of an older collection.  Measuring approx. 9” on the outside curve, it’s a great little horn that offers a lot of detail.  Scrimshawed around the horn it reads “A man of words not of deeds, is like a garden […]