RevSpec Category: Custom Guns

Frederick Sell Rifle

This rifle is based heavily on the existing work of Frederick Sell, while incorporating a higher level of workmanship and decoration. It features one of our custom wrought iron barrels and is fully mounted in all hand-made hardware that was crafted using 18th Century technology. Some of the features on this rifle are as follows; […]

Early Dickert Rifle

This rifle, recently built by Shane, is based on the earliest work of Jacob Dickert that would have a heavy Moravian influence, though not a copy of any existing rifle. It features a custom, 44″ long Wrought Iron barrel that was developed just for this project. The lock on the rifle is a Davis Colonial […]

Early J.P. Beck

Stocked by Shane and decorated and finished by Brad, this bench copy rifle exhibits the earliest known work of J.P. Beck. It features a wrought iron barrel, custom made shop lock, all hand forged iron components and all hand made brass furniture. The carving and engraving mimic exactly what was done on the original, and […]

Early Reading Rifle

This is a one-off bench copy of gun #26 in Rifles Of Colonial America. This early Reading rifle exhibits unique, hand made brass mounts, All made here in our shop, specific to the original gun in every detail. Every screw is hand made, as are the sights and the hand forged wrought iron trigger and […]

Colonial American Pistol

This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War. This was a project many years in the making with exhaustive research to ensure a historically accurate pistol as well as defining an architecture that feels like an extension of the human body.

Cased Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig SOLD

Pair of Hand-Crafted, custom 18th Century, Lancaster County Pennsylvania style Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig. Pistols are engraved No. 1 and No. 2 on respective barrel tangs. They have been stocked in hard Curly Maple and finished with traditional 18th Century finishes. Also employed in their construction is a pair of custom made barrels, one […]

William Antes Pistol **RECENTLY STOLEN**

**This William Antes pistol was RECENTLY STOLEN. If you have any information on it, please contact us ASAP** This pistol is based off of Wm. Antes work and reflects the bold recognizable decoration that Antes was known for.  The pistol was built from a blank of highly figured Curly Maple and has a custom made […]

Custom Virginia Rifle

Many surviving "Early Virginia" rifles exhibit a very pleasing blend of both German and British traits and characteristics.  This cultural amalgamation results from German trained Gunsmiths mostly out of Eastern Pennsylvania migrating into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to service the needs of the English residents on the Virginia frontier.  The rifle shown here is […]

Johanes Faber Rifle

This rifle is based off the Johanes Faber rifle. This rifle features a 44" Colerain barrel rifled in 50 cal and has a Chambers Virginia Lock.  With the exception of those two pieces the rest of the rifle will have all handmade mounts and hardware and will be stocked from a blank of Curly Maple.  […]

J.P. Beck

This rifle is built in the style of J.P. Beck.  The stock is a piece of rock hard curly maple that was hand sculpted and shaped after the barrel was inlet.  It features a 38" Colerain barrel in .54 caliber.  The lock is a Chambers Golden Age lock that we re-worked.  This rifle has a […]