RevSpec Category: Sold Items

Throwing Hawk and Axe by Beaver Bill SOLD

Beaver Bill Throwing Hawk and Hammer Poll Axe. The “Premium” model Throwing Hawk by Beaver Bill is hand forged using 4140 carbon alloy and fits regulation size for competitions.  It has a 19″ long straight grained hickory handle, 4″ tall blade and a head length of 6.75″.  It is in new condition.  SOLD – $75 […]

Liberty Horn by Mike Small SOLD

This “Liberty” Horn by Mike Small proudly displays the moto “LIBERTY & PROPERTY” across its outside face. It has been carefully scrapped thin and sleek giving it a translucent effect when held up to the light.  The horn measures about 15 1/2″ around the outside curve and features a curve and a twist to the […]

20 Ga Smoothbore SOLD

Nice little 20 Ga smoothbore stocked in curly maple with brass mounts.  It has a 41″ long octagon to round barrel with both a front and rear sights for better shot placement.   The barrel has been paired up with an R.E. Davis Company flintlock and a single pull trigger.  The overall condition of this smoothbore […]

York Co Screw Tip Horn by Art DeCamp SOLD

Really nice early style York County Screw Tip horn by Art DeCamp.  This one is still “like new” and comes with an adjustable leather strap. It measures just over 16″ around the outside curve with a 2 1/2″ diameter base plug.  It has a nice curve to the body and would carry best on the […]

Philadelphia Horn by Art DeCamp SOLD

Beautiful Philadelphia style screw tip horn by Master Horner, Art DeCamp.  This horn really has “the look”, exhibiting tool marks and patina throughout the body of the horn.  Great color and turning of the base plug with an iron staple for the strap attachment.  It measures just under 13″ around the outside curve and would […]

Original English Dueling Pistol SOLD

This is a beautiful example of a period English dueling pistol.  It remains in wonderful shape for its age and the condition of the lock cannot be overlooked; it is in outstanding condition and still looks like new on the inside, even retaining its original colors from heat treating.  The sliding bar lock works flawlessly […]

Horn by Harris Maupin SOLD

Beautifully made powder horn by Harris Maupin. This horn was made about 10 years ago and was never mounted or carried. It is very similar in style and execution to the engraved horn that Harris made for the 2012 CLA auction. It has a nice curve to the body making it ideal for right hand […]

York County Screw Tip Powderhorn SOLD

York County Screw Tip powder horn made by Spark Mumma of Circle M horns.   It comes outfitted with an adjustable leather strap with brass buckle by Terry Crawford, and includes a hand made powder measure that is affixed to the strap.  The horn measures 14″ around the outside curve and features a slight curve […]

.50 caliber Yorktown SOLD

Here’s one of our Yorktown Rifles stocked in an exceptional piece of presentation quality Curly Maple.  It features a 39″ Green Mountain barrel in .50 caliber and a Large Siler flintlock from Jim Chambers. The lock has just been completely gone over and hand tuned for a fast and reliable ignition. The stain and finish […]

.50 caliber Martin Fry SOLD

Martin Fry was an iconic gunsmith in York Pennsylvaina, producing some of the highest quality rifles of the golden age.  In the book “Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age”, Joe Kindig Jr wrote that “the Frys were a very important gunsmithing family in York” and “I hope that someone will study Martin […]