RevSpec Category: Sold Items

Bark Tanned Bag by Jerry Rice SOLD

New Bark Tanned Bag by Jerry Rice. Made from bark tanned deer hide and all hand sewn with linen thread. It comes with an adjustable strap and a large interior pocket. The bag measures 10″ tall by 9″ wide. Price: $475.00

Philadelphia Screw Tip Horn by Art DeCamp SOLD

Really nice Philadelphia Screw Tip Horn by Art DeCamp paired with a hand sewn bark tanned leather strap by Jerry Rice.  The horn measures approx. 15″ around the outside curve and would best be suited for right hand carry.  The strap is fully adjustable from about 38″ in length to 44″ in length.  All together […]

“Day Bag” by Terry Crawford SOLD

This “Day Bag” by Terry Crawford is designed to be carried over the shoulder and worn on your back while out trekking or on the trail. It also works great for traveling or carrying your goodies while attending your favorite gun show. The single strap design is adjustable in length and outfitted with a brass […]

York Co. Powder Horn SOLD

Very nice classic style York County powder horn with carved base plug and turned tip.  The applied tip appears just like a screw tip but is instead pinned to the body.  The base plugs features the classic York Co chip and rope carving that has been executed crisp and boldly.  The horn measures approx. 16″ […]

Pipe Tomahawk by Brian Barker SOLD

Decorated pipe tomahawk by Brian Barker. This is a copy of the original shown in the “ACCOUTERMENTS” book by James R. Johnston on pages 101-102. The description reads “Pipe Tomahawk. Ash haft, with 30 silver inlays, pewter mouthpiece and pewter bands around the handle, is 17 1/2 inches long. Steel blade, with silver inlay and […]

Bag Horn by John Proud SOLD

Nice right hand carry lobed bag horn by John Proud. This is a brand new horn and has never been carried. It features a carved and engraved spout that is opposed by a spiral carved base plug and engraving around the base of the horn. It measures about 12″ long around the outside curve and […]

“The Patriot” Bag and Horn set SOLD

This is a nice copy of the bag and horn set carried by Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”.  The bag is patterned directly off of the movie bag and was hand made by Terry Crawford.  The completely hand stitched bag measures 9″ across by 9″ tall and has a 1 3/4″ wide adjustable leather strap.  […]

Tomahawk by Beaver Bill w/ “Encounter” Art Print SOLD

Art Print and Tomahahwk together as a set. The hammer pole tomahawk was forged by Beaver Bill, and is the same as the tomahawk that was used as a model in the painting “Encounter” by Andrew Knez Jr. The painting depicts the expansion of white settlers west of the Allegheny Mountains and into the Ohio […]

Caywood English Officers Fusil w/ Bayonet SOLD

This is a .54 caliber rifled, English Officers Fusil that has been stocked in a beautiful piece of curly maple. It features Caywood’s 37 1/2″ long, octagon to round, swamped barrel with an English Fowler style breech plug, and Caywood’s 6 barrel interchangeable system. The lock is Caywood’s 5.5 inch round face English lock with […]

Kibler Southern Mnt. Rifle SOLD

45 caliber Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle built by Don Bruton.  This rifle features 1820s styling based on western North Carolina rifles.  It is stocked in dark walnut with aged grey iron mounts. The barrel is Kibler’s 44” custom profile in .45 caliber, signed “DB/JK” on the top flat, paired with Kibler’s CNC Ketland Flintlock and […]