RevSpec Category: Custom Rifles and Kits

Colonial American Pistol

Introducing our newest kit, the Colonial American Pistol. This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War. This project was many years in the making with exhaustive research and prototype work. With the exception of the Small Siler Lock, each and every […]

Boys And Ladies Rifle

Our Boys and Ladies Rifle is designed in the style that was being made in Lancaster Co., Pa, in the 1770’s by the celebrated gunsmith Jacob Dickert. Dickert’s rifles were widely known for their quality and beauty, as well as their comfortable handling. This rifle has been scaled down to achieve the proper balance and […]

Colonial American Fowler

Our Colonial American Fowler is a Lancaster county Pennsylvania Style fowling piece from the 1760-1780 period. It is based largely on a surviving example believed to have been made by John Newcomer in, Hempfield Twp, Lancaster County. One of the most unique and pleasing features of the American Fowler is the resulting overall architecture that […]

Colonial Virginia Rifle

Rifles made in the 18th Century in the Southern Colonies as a whole, display traits and characteristics that vary widely. The evolution of the southern longrifle in Colonial American was much more erratic than that of it’s Pennsylvania counterpart. Many of these southern rifles also exhibit the efforts of a gunsmith trying to blend the […]

Pennsylvania Mountain Rifle

In the 18th and early 19th centuries there existed a group of Gunsmiths working in the “Blue Mountain” region of eastern Pennsylvania. These men were mostly trained in the Germanic style of gun making; and the work that they produced is a direct reflection of the cultural environment in which they lived. The immigrant German […]

The Yorktown Rifle

The Yorktown Rifle is a 1760-1780 period York County Pennsylvania Rifle. Since its introduction in 1985, it has set the standard in the industry for extremely high quality at an affordable price. It continues to be a popular choice for competition target shooters, re-enactors, and serious hunters alike. It’s comfortable styling, balance, and authenticity¬† make […]