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Philadelphia Screw Tip Horn by Art DeCamp

Really nice Philadelphia Screw Tip Horn by Art DeCamp paired with a hand sewn bark tanned leather strap by Jerry Rice.  The horn measures approx. 15″ around the outside curve and would best be suited for right hand carry.  The strap is fully adjustable from about 38″ in length to 44″ in length.  All together […]

Custom Rifle by G.L. Jones

Here we have a nice custom built .54 caliber rifle by G.L. Jones.  The rifle features a 42″ long Colerain barrel with 6 groove rifling that has been hand coned at the muzzle for ease of loading.  The barrel has been paired up with an L & R round faced English style lock that has […]

Engraving Workshop 2024

We are happy to announce that after much interest and many requests we are once again opening up our shop to host an engraving course for this years annual workshop.  The workshops will run for 5 days and during that time students will learn the basics of tool control, tool sharpening, ornamental design and execution, […]

Quillwork by Shawn Webster

Very nice quilled neck knife sheath by Shawn Webster.  This piece was well cared for and appears to still be in like-new condition.  The sheath measures 7 1/4″ in overall length and is paired with a trade knife that measures 7″ in overall length.  The braided neck strap measures approx. 25″ long around the neck. […]

War Clubs and Tomahawks

We have a handful of war clubs and tomahawks that came in from a collection.  The warclubs are all precarves that were stained and finished.  The 2 pipe tomahawks were hand forged and the heart pierced head hawk is a casting.  These are priced ate $100/each and are available for local pickup at the shop […]

Shooting Bag by Terry Crawford

Nice center seam style shooting bag by Terry Crawford.  Great color on this one with a deep rich mahogany stain.  The bag measures 9″ tall by 7″ wide and features a nice size interior pocket for supplies as well as a small pocket on the rear of the bag that would be perfect for carrying […]

Priming Horns by John Proud

Decorated Priming Horns by John Proud Horn #1 measures about 7″ in length and is fully engraved on all surfaces and features a carved spout – $475.00 Horn #2 is measures about 5.5″ in length and features a screw tip spout and some light engraving – *SOLD* Horn #3 measures about 7″ in length and […]

Bag Horn by John Proud

Nice right hand carry lobed bag horn by John Proud. This is a brand new horn and has never been carried. It features a carved and engraved spout that is opposed by a spiral carved base plug and engraving around the base of the horn. It measures about 12″ long around the outside curve and […]

“The Sentry” by Andrew Knez

Original framed painting of “The Sentry” by artist Andrew Knez. Oil painted and Italian framed. Outside dimensions of the frame measure 26.5″ by 18.5″. This painting depicts a member of the 8th Pennsylvania regiment, and the horrendous conditions faced at Valley Forge. The men endured a three-hundred mile forced winter march across Pennsylvania to join […]

Gallery Framed Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale

Beautiful reproduction of the original Thomas Jefferson portrait painted by Rembrandt Peale in 1800.  Custom printed on canvas and hand stretched over a wooden frame, mounted in an ornante gold gallery style frame.  The canvas measures 20″x24″ with the frame measuring 27″x31″. -Pick up at the shop, or we can deliver to the upcoming Gun […]