RevSpec Category: Showcase Items

Hunting Knife by Brad

This little hunting knife was a special request, and all hand made by Brad for his grandson.  The overall shape of this blade combined with the razor sharp edge geometry really makes this thing a wicked little knife.  The blade was all traditionally hand forged from 1084 high carbon steel, hand filed, and all hand […]

Wormy Ash Handled Knife

For this one Shane wanted to do something a little different and use a piece of wormy ash for the handle material.  Taking inspiration from a period pistol barrel, the handle was first shaped octagon, then transitioning into 16 sided facets, and lastly ending in a wedding band motif.  The mounts were all fabricated by […]

Custom Hunting and Camp Knife

This custom hunting knife was ordered with the intention of being an all around useable  knife while away at camp and out on the hunt.  It features a 6″ long blade making it ideal for use around the camp and around the table while cooking and preparing food.  The octagonal handle is made from rock […]

Wedding Band Style Worm and Puller Set (Tall)

This Tow Worm and Ball Puller set is based on an original 18th Century American style that we recently discovered.  These are longer in length than our other offerings, measuring 3.5″ oal.  The tapered threads on the ball puller are hand-filed on, as were the originals.  Tow Worms can be made to fit a variety […]

Frederick Sell Rifle

This custom rifle is based heavily on the existing work of Frederick Sell, while incorporating an elevated level of contemporary workmanship and decoration. It features a one off, custom made wrought iron barrel and is fully mounted in all hand-made hardware that was hand crafted here at the shop using all 18th Century technology. Some […]

Early Dickert Rifle

This rifle, hand crafted by artist Shane Emig, is based on the earliest work of Jacob Dickert.  Though it is not a copy of any existing rifle, it is instantly recognizeable as a Dickert rifle.  By blending features seen on JD’s original rifles with heavy Moravian influence, it has created a dynamic combination resulting in […]

Early J.P. Beck

Stocked by Shane and decorated and finished by Brad, this bench copy rifle exhibits the earliest known work of J.P. Beck. It features a wrought iron barrel, custom made shop lock, all hand forged iron components and all hand made brass furniture. The carving and engraving mimic exactly what was done on the original, and […]

Early Reading Rifle

This is a one-off bench copy of gun #26 in Rifles Of Colonial America. This early Reading rifle exhibits unique, hand made brass mounts, all made here in our shop, specific to the original gun in every detail. Every screw is hand made, as are the sights and the hand forged wrought iron trigger and […]

Colonial American Pistol

This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War. This was a project many years in the making with exhaustive research to ensure a historically accurate pistol as well as defining an architecture that feels like an extension of the human body.

Cased Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig

Pair of Hand-Crafted, custom 18th Century, Lancaster County Pennsylvania style Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig. Pistols are engraved No. 1 and No. 2 on respective barrel tangs. They have been stocked in hard Curly Maple and finished with traditional 18th Century finishes. Also employed in their construction is a pair of custom made barrels, one […]