Wrought Iron Turn Screw by Brad SOLD


This is an entirely hand made 18th Century Turn Screw. It has been crafted from original wrought iron and heat treated using traditional 18th Century technology. It measures 2 3/4″ long.

Original 18th Century Box w/ Heart Striker SOLD


This is an original, 18th Century brass snuff box that has been paired with a hand made weeping heart flint striker made by Shane.  Inspired by original works of the period, the weeping heart striker is made from high carbon steel and lightly adorned with an engraved border.  The box is in extremely nice condition and exhibits quality construction techniques throughout.  The dimensions of the box are 2 7/8″ long by 2 1/ 8″ wide by 1″ thick. 

Wrought Iron Flint Striker w/ Quilled Pouch SOLD


This decorative flint striker, engraved in a bilaterally symmetrical design of the Baroque style, was hand crafted by Shane using original, 18th Century Wrought Iron. The engraved decoration was free hand drawn and chased with hammer and chisel, and the background then lightly stippled for contrast. The heat treating on the iron was done using all traditional 18th Century techniques to ensure a proper level of carbon in the iron. The striker has been paired with a beautifully made brain tan and quillwork pouch made by Bill Wright.

Riflemans Knife by Rich McDonald SOLD


This knife and sheath combo was made by Rich and Jeanne McDonald. The blade measures 9 1/4″ long and the overall length of the knife is 14″ long. It features an iron guard, iron pommel cap, antler handle and a handsomely decorated sheath.

Decorative Trade Knife SOLD


This knife and sheath combo was made by Todd Hughes of Dead Horse Forge. The blade is made from an old file and measures 7 3/4″ with the knife having an overall length of 13″ long.

Pocket Pistol by Scott Shea SOLD


This .50 caliber smooth bore pocket pistol by Scott Shea features a 5″ long octagon to round, tapered and flared barrel and a Becky Flintlock. The Pistol measures 10″ long overall.   There is some light relief carving as well as incised carving with some Christians Spring influence.

Photos borrowed from http://contemporarymakers.blogspot.com/2012/05/pocket-pistol-by-scott-shea.html

Hand Made Haversack SOLD


Nice hand made haversack by Brenda Steffee.  Hand Stitched wool with linen lining inside the bag and on the back side of the strap.  The flap features three horn button closures and there is a linin pocket on the inside.  The bag measures 14″ wide by 12″ tall.

Spike Hawk & Decorative Tomahawk SOLD


We currently have two different hawks available, a Spike Tomahawk and a Decorated Tomahawk.  The Spike Hawk has a curly maple haft with pewter tip that measures 15″ long, and a head measuring 7.5″ from the tip of the spike to the center of the blade.  The maker of this hawk is unknown to me, however it appears to have maker’s marks on the blade.  Price of the spike hawk is $150.00.


The Decorative Tomahawk has a curly maple haft with silver wire inlay, and measures in at 14 1/4″ long.  The head of the tomahawk measures 5 3/8″ long from the pole to the center of the blade.  Maker unknown.  Price of the decorated tomahawk is $125.00.

Bark Tanned Bag SOLD


This high quality, handmade bag by Jerry Rice is entirely hand sewn from traditional bark tanned deer and exhibits a multitude of unique and pleasing features.  It’s historically accurate design is based on an original Pennsylvania German hunting pouch.  The strap is fit with a hand forged iron buckle and attached to the bag with forged iron rings. The bag measures 9 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide at the bottom. If you are looking for a historically correct bag made from high quality authentic materials, this bag is it.

Screw Tip Priming Horn SOLD


This handsome little screw tip priming horn with turned base plug is an interesting, yet rarely seen item.  It has great workmanship, color and confirmation.  The tip threads on and off with ease and it fits tight and snug just as it should.  It measures 5″ long from tip to base with the base plug measuring 1 3/8″ in diameter.   The maker of this horn is unknown as it has been in a private collection for the last 30 years.

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