Success In the Field


Opening day of the early muzzleloader season here in Pa was Saturday October 14, and by 8:00 am Ian had this nice doe standing broadside at 35 yards. Ian is hunting with his .54 caliber Pennsylvania Mountain Rifle that he picked up last year. Ian is an avid shooter and hunter, and this was his first deer harvest with this rifle. Congratulations Ian!

Superior Shooting Bag SOLD


This high quality, handmade bag was produced for the discriminating hunter, shooter, re-enactor or collector. It is entirely hand sewn from traditionally bark tanned deer and exhibits a multitude of unique, useful and pleasing features that are too many to list. It’s historically accurate design is based on a fine original Pennsylvania German hunting pouch that perfectly blends the mediums of art, function and superior craftsmanship. The leather has been professionally worked and conditioned into a soft and pliable form that displays the deep, rich color and glow of a well maintained original. Some of the deer hair has been intentionally left on the underside of the flap for a more authentic effect. The strap is fit with a hand forged iron buckle and attached to the bag with forged iron rings, and is fully adjustable. The bag measures 9 inches tall by almost 10 inches wide at the bottom. If you are looking for a historically correct bag made from high quality authentic materials, constructed with superior craftsmanship and containing unique and artistic embellishments, please give this bag serious consideration.

Powder Horn with Strap SOLD


This neat little horn was made by Rick Tull out of Missouri, and comes with a hand made leather strap. The horn has beautiful color throughout and a great surface that really gives it a warm and inviting look. It features an applied turned tip, carved plug with lanyard and a sculpted base plug. The horn is a really nice size, measuring 12″ on the outside curve. The leather strap goes exceptionally well with the horn, it’s soft and pliable and allows it to be worn with comfort.

Leather Horn Strap SOLD


This is a neat little hand made horn strap that’s light weight, very flexible and well made. It has a great color along with a nice patina. It features a hand forged iron buckle for full adjustability and a hand forged iron ring up front. The rear of the strap is setup to fit over an iron nail. The strap measures 3/4″ wide and is adjustable from 46″ long to 55″ long.

Dagger by Steve Lodding SOLD


Custom dagger by Steve Lodding. Overall length is 12″ with a 4 1/8″ handle. The handle is turned from horn and features a decorative silver pommel adorned with a decorative brass band. The blade to handle fitment has been adorned with a scalloped silver band that finishes off the guard nicely. The dagger comes with its own unique sheath, completing the set.

Delaware Quilled sheath by Kathy Sibley with Ken Gahagan Knife SOLD


This is a beautifully made Delaware Indian knife and sheath combo. The quilled sheath was made by Kathy Sibley and measures 9 1/2″ in overall length. The knife was made by Ken Gahagan and measures 10 1/2″ long with a 6″ blade. Both pieces were made in the traditional 18th Century manner and exhibit superb quality.

Success at Dixons Gunmakers Fair


Congratulations to Eric for his 1st Place ribbon at Dixons Gunmakers Fair this weekend for the excellent job he did on his first ever flintlock build. Eric attended our Arms Making Workshop the last 2 years where he learned the necessary skills to build and complete his Colonial American Pistol! Awesome job Eric!

Curly Maple Blanks SOLD


We have a few Curly Maple boards available. All three are 2″ thick and about 96″ long. The 8″ wide board is $95, the 9″ wide board is $110 and the 12″ board is $135. Local pickup at our shop is welcome, or we can deliver at Dixons.

40 caliber Tennessee Pistol


This is a like new “Tennessee Pistol” from Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading. This one features a curly maple stock, 12″ long Green Mountain barrel, Siler Lock, single trigger and brass mounts. The barrel is signed “M. Avance”.

Lally House Quilled Sheath with Jim Hays Knife SOLD


This is a great little Eastern Woodland porcupine quilled neck knife sheath by Lally House with a hand forged patch knife by Jim Hays. The sheath measures 7 1/4″ long and has a leather neck strap that can be adjusted to fit. The knife measures just over 7″ long and features a 3 1/2″ blade that’s pinned to the deer antler handle.

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