54 caliber Yorktown SOLD

This is a used 54 caliber Yorktown Rifle that was made here in our shop.  It is stocked in a beautiful piece of Pennsylvania Curly Maple and well appointed with a traditional style hand engraved 2 piece brass patchbox with a pierced finial.  These rifles are well known for their exceptional quality and function.  The lock is a freshly hand-tuned Large Siler.  The triggers are by R.E. Davis and have been modified and tuned in our shop.  The trigger pull length is 13 5/8".  The barrel is by Green Mountain and has also been customized by our shop for improved accuracy and shootability.  All brass mounts are hand finished and display fire blued screws throughout.  The rifle is finished with all traditional surfaces.  This is a very nice rifle and priced far below the current replacement cost.

Price: $2200.00