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18th Century Four Wick Oil Lamp

This 18th Century tin “Betty Lamp” or oil lamp is an interesting and rarely seen piece. Tin oil lamps were the earliest and most common form of lighting in America dating from the mid 1600′s to the late 1700′s. The pan would have been filled with a grease or oil such as whale oil, fish …

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Adjustable Brass Measure

Here is a really neat, hand made, adjustable measure that came off a Joe Mills bag. The measure is made of brass and iron and adjusts from 45 to 75 grains. The overall length is 4 inches.

Ken Scott Bag with Decorated Powder Horn

This is a beautifully crafted and decorated bag by Ken Scott. It is full of small details everywhere you look. All of the edges are scalloped, the flap is decorated in the center as well as having punch decoration all around the scalloping. It has a great backwoods look, yet retains a higher level of …

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Maple War Club

This is a great size war club, hand carved from maple. The wood exhibits very interesting grain structure and curl patterns. It measures 16″ long with approx. 2 1/4″ diameter ball.

Lally House Neck Sheath with Charlie Wallingford Knife

This is a beautiful Eastern Woodland porcupine quilled neck knife sheath by Lally House. Her art speaks for itself… This piece is highly decorated including the neck strap which is fully quilled as well. The overall length of the sheath with the knife is 10″. The knife, made by Charlie Wallingford is forged from high …

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Shane Emig Belt Knife

Hand Forged belt knife by Shane Emig. The 6″ blade is forged from high carbon 1095 spring steel and hardened and tempered to hold a strong edge. The partial tang is riveted to the 5″ white tail antler handle with an iron rivet. The hand stitched sheath was also done by Shane.

Eastern Wool Gun Cover

We have our Eastern Wool Gun Covers back in stock!! They are locally made from high quality blanket grade wool and are designed to perform the necessary function of keeping moisture away from your rifle while offering a cushion of protection during transportation. Overall length is 66″. Price is $25/each

Custom Rifle by Jason Hogarth

This custom rifle by Jason Hogarth is based on the work of John Bonewitz. Jason used his own artistic expression and the influence of Bonewitz’s work to produce this iron mounted long rifle. It features a 42″ Colerain “B weight” barrel in .45 caliber, an L&R Lock and Davis double-set triggers. It has a trigger …

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Brass Barrel Pistol

Available for sale is this unique custom made flintlock pistol by noted author and gunsmith, Peter Alexander. The rifled .45 caliber brass barrel is 10 inches long, full octagon and fit with handmade front and rear sights. The lock is stamped “Ashmore – Warranted” and has just been hand tuned to ensure proper and reliable …

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Hunting Bag

This is a brand new bag made by Terry Crawford. It measures 9 1/2″ tall by 9″ wide and features an adjustable strap. This is a great sized bag that offers a lot of room for storage with a front slit pocket, a double inside pocket, 2 flint pockets and 2 tool loops.

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