RevSpec Category: Traditional Hand Made Rifles

Early York Rifle

This rifle by Shane Emig was built style York Co gunsmiths and exbits features of rifles seen during the Rev War period.  It features a one off custom lock made from castings that were reworked and refiled to produce a unique and visually pleasing flintlock.  The rifle features a custom wrought iron barrel with hand […]

Traditional Virginia Rifle

A very early traditional Virginia rifle built by Brad Emig during his tenure at Landis Valley Museum in the early 1990’s.  This hand made rifle features a Wrought Iron barrel, curly Cherry stock, swaged brass buttplate, all hand made brass mountings and forged iron trigger and triggerplate.

Early Lehigh County Rifle

This early Lehigh County rifle was built by Brad Emig.  It is a near bench copy of the original rifle .  It exhibits many subtle details with extreme attention to detail..  This rifle features a wrought Iron barrel, hand forged iron lock, coin silver inlays and all hand made brass mountings.

Frederick Sell Style Rifle

This Frederick Sell style rifle features a hand-made brass lock and coin silver inlays.  With the exception of the Colerain barrel each and every part on this rifle was hand-made in our shop. All handmade engraved brass patchbox on a Frederick Sell style rifle.  This patchbox features a booby-trap release button in the lower sideplate […]

Lancaster County Rifle

This early 1770 s Lancaster County rifle features a hand forged; wrought iron barrel and hand made lock.  All brass mountings including castings were hand made in the shop as were all the iron screws.