Early York Rifle

This rifle is an Early York style rifle with one of our custom Wrought Iron barrels.  This rifle features a custom lock which we made using castings and re-filing and re-fitting them.  The rifle also features a hand forged barrel tang and a side plate which was hand made using cast sheet brass.  The trigger for the rifle is hand forged along with the trigger plate. Using soft yellow brass the buttplate has been cast and all decoration hand filed in.  The ram rod pipes are rolled from sheet brass and are all hand filed and polished.  The pipes are also tapered to accommodate a tapered ram rod.  The one-piece swaged muzzle cap is hand made from sheet brass and features a ram rod groove. The trigger guard was hand cast and hand filed and polished.  Both the front and rear sight are hand made with the rear being wrought iron and the front is made of brass.