18th Century Wrought Iron Candle Stand SOLD

Wrought iron candle stands were extremely popular in Colonial America. They afforded their owners a convenient method of placing light exactly where it was needed in the otherwise dark interior of an 18th Century home. This hand forged American candle holder made from wrought iron is a great example of such a light. This style of candle holder was made to hold a splint or candle, utilizing a candle socket and tension spring. The spring keeps constant tension on the candle or splint and allows for height adjustment as it burns. There is a secondary candle socket attached to the main beam of the light. The main beam is the support structure for both candle sockets, and features a lovely twist design at the base that transitions into a chair hook or carry handle at the top. The drip pan is certainly another pleasing and unique feature on this light. It displays a heart design that has been gracefully and precisely shaped, containing a turned up lip around its perimeter. Beneath the heart shaped pan sit 3 delicate feet that support this finely made candle stand. The light measures 9 1/4″ tall with a 4 1/2″ wide pan.

Price: $495.00