Early 1800's Wrought Iron Rushlight Candle Holder SOLD

This is a superb example of an early 19th Century Iron Rushlight (Circa 1800-1830).
This is one of the best examples of a table top rushlight from this period that we have seen. Rushlights served the essential purpose in Colonial America to hold a grease soaked piece of rush for lighting. This example not only holds rush, but the counter weight arm is outfitted with a finely made candle cup for additional lighting. The main vertical shaft is graceful and well-proportioned to the base. It is forged with a step molding where it transitions into the lower area of the jaws, which hold the rush. The jaws are as finely made as you could hope for, with this particular example having a Box Jaw design which is the most formal, sophisticated and precisely made style of the period, as well as being rare on this type of forged iron light. The form and craftsmanship of the candle cup with its beaded top edge and perfectly formed drip cup are top quality. The tripod base, which is riveted to the main vertical shaft, has nicely tapered legs that transition into the formal penny feet. It survives in untouched, original condition, and exhibits great surfaces with wonderful patina.
The light stands approximately 10 1/16″ tall.

Price: $495.00