20 Ga. Virginia Smooth Rifle

This is a really nice, well-built custom Virginia smooth rifle by D. Anderson. The rifle is stocked is a high grade piece of curly maple that exhibits great color and contrast, really bringing out all of the highs and lows of the relief carving. It is mounted with aged iron furniture and includes an early style 2 piece iron patchbox and iron sling swivels. The custom 20 Ga. smoothbore barrel is stamped on the bottom flat “NO. 147  Douglas Anderson  –  Maker” – “1987 Kalispell – M.T.”  and at the breech next to the witness mark it is stamped “INRI”.  The barrel is 38″ in length with a swamped profile.  The lock began its life as a Siler that has been very heavily modified to look like an English flintlock and engraved “KETLAND” on the lockplate.  Overall this rifle is in great shape and has been well cared for, more than likely seeing minimal use through its life.  Included with the rifle is the woven carrying sling. Length of Pull is 13 5/8″.

Price: $3950.00