.50 caliber Yorktown Rifle SOLD

Absolutely the finest Yorktown Rifle that we have ever offered. Stocked in an amazing piece of vivid and tightly curled Pennsylvania Sugar Maple with perfect grain structure. I have had this piece of wood for almost 25 years and it would be extremely difficult to find anything comparable today. The stock has been fit with precision, hand filed brass mounts, as well as two hand engraved silver inlays. The lock is our own Hand-Tuned Large Siler which offers flawless operation. The double-set triggers are from R.E. Davis, which we have also Hand-Tuned. The 39 inch long, 7/8″ octagon barrel was custom made by Colerain Barrel Co. We have Hand-Coned the muzzle in traditional 18th Century fashion, for ease of loading and a completely authentic look. A custom rear sight has also been made and installed onto the barrel.
Another unique feature on this special rifle is the brass signature plate on the top flat of the barrel. A specific piece of leaded yellow brass has been hand inlet into the steel barrel and flushed with the surface. After polishing, it was hand engraved and signed by the rifles maker, Shane Emig. As with all of our rifles, the wood, brass and steel surfaces have been finished with Traditional 18th Century finishes.
This unique and wonderful rifle offers a buyer the absolute finest in quality and authenticity, along with a tremendous amount of visual appeal.

Price: $4200.00