54 caliber Colonial Virginia Rifle SOLD

This is one of our Colonial Virginia Rifles that Shane had built just a few years back. It has seen very little usage during that time and still remains in excellent condition. Our Virginia rifles feature a 42″ Colerain “c” weight barrel, Davis trigger and a large Siler lock, all hand tuned for a fast and reliable ignition. This particular rifle has been stocked in a presentation grade curly maple stock with an all hand engraved 2 piece brass patchbox and hand engraved silver “Moravian” star cheek inlay. The gain twist, 54 caliber barrel has a hand coned muzzle for ease of loading so you can thumb start your roundball. All mounts have been hand polished and the stock retains an aqua fortis stain with a hand rubbed oil finish.
Side Note: Behind the cheekpiece is a small area of mineral wood where there was some slight grain separation during the drying process. While visible, these small cracks offer no structural issues or weakness to the stock.

Price: $3500.00