.54 caliber Yorktown Rifle SOLD

Here’s one of our Yorktown Rifles, stocked in an exceptional piece of presentation quality Curly Ash. It features a 39″ Green Mountain barrel in .54 caliber and a Large Siler flintlock from Jim Chambers. The lock has been completely gone over and hand tuned for a fast and reliable ignition, as well as a crisp, light pull. Instead of the standard double set triggers we typically use on the Yorktown rifle, we built this one with a single trigger and hand tuned it to the lock for a competition style trigger pull. The stain and finish are all traditional methods, using an aqua fortis stain and a hand rubbed oil finish. The rifle is used, but it remains in nearly perfect condition, with the exception of a small scuff in the wood at the muzzle. The trigger pull length on the rifle falls in right at 13 3/4″.

Price: $2650.00