Bag, Horn and Accouterments SOLD

This is a brand new bag and horn set that is fully outfitted with all the necessary accouterments. The Beaver Tail bag was made by Terry Crawford, and in his usual style, it has many pockets for storage. On the face on the bag, under the bag flap, are two slit pockets for housing small accouterments. Inside the bag there are two more pockets that have flint pouches and tool loops attached. The bag features an adjustable strap with brass furniture. It measures about 10″ tall and 9 1/2″ wide. On the back side of the bag is a hand forged knife by Shane Emig. It measures 10 1/4″ overall with a 6″ blade. It’s handled with a very comfortable piece of deer antler and the knife is housed in one of Terrys hand sewn sheaths. Inside the bag it is outfitted with a very nicely made, scrimshawed priming horn made by Spark Mumma, a combo tool that features a flint knapper, vent pick and screw driver made by Carl Moran, a hand made short starter by Brad Emig and a couple extra flints. The powder horn on the bag is an Effigy horn made by Harris Maupin. The base plug of the horn has been intricately hand carved with a detailed face while the horn itself is fully decorated with scrimshaw work. The horn measures about 15″ on the outside curve. On the strap of the horn are three more essential tools for shooting. All three made by Spark Mumma; An 80 grain, whistle powder measure made from deer antler, a cleaning brush with a turned horn handle and a vent pick that also features a nicely turned horn handle. This set offers a lot of quality from a diverse group of artisans and has everything you need to get out there and shoot!!

Price: $1200.00