Iron Mounted Pistol by Bob Harn SOLD

Very nice custom pistol by Bob Harn, stocked in a piece of lightly curled Maple, stained dark to go great with the aged iron mounts. The 9″ long barrel is a .32 caliber rifled barrel made by GETZ. All of the mounts for this pistol were hand made by Bob. The trigger guard is hand forged and filed, the single bar double-set triggers are hand made, the iron pipes were hand swaged and filed, the muzzle cap, side plate inlays and rear sight, all done by hand. The silver front sight was executed perfectly giving the top of the barrel a nice clean look. Signed behind the rear sight, it reads “R. J. Harn”. This is a great piece that offers a lot of custom hand made parts at a great price.

Price: $2200.00