Boys And Ladies Rifle

Our Boys and Ladies Rifle is designed in the style that was being made in Lancaster Co., Pa, in the 1770’s by the celebrated gunsmith Jacob Dickert. Dickert’s rifles were widely known for their quality and beauty, as well as their comfortable handling. This rifle has been scaled down to achieve the proper balance and weight for a youth shooter as well as those petite Ladies who desire a high quality authentic rifle. Please be assured that every effort is made to insure that the highest quality parts and craftsmanship go in each and every gun.

  • Lock– Precision assembled Small Siler Flintlock.
  • Barrel– Custom made by the Colerain Barrel Co. 30″ long tapered and flared, and available in 40, 45 and 50 caliber. Rifled with early style round bottom rifling
  • Stock– Select Northern Curly Maple is available in multiple grades, as well as Walnut, Cherry and Ash.
  • Options– A large variety of options are available to customize your rifle to your individual requirements.
  • Custom Model– Through our custom rifle shop we are able to offer a wide variety of decorative upgrades, including patch boxes, inlay work, relief carving and hand engraving.  All of our work is performed in a manner authentic to the period.


Basic Dimensions
Overall Length – 44″ Weight in .45 – 5 lbs.
Width of Butt – 1 5/8″ Cast Off – 1/4″
Height of Butt – 4 3/16″ Trigger Pull Lengths

Boys – 11 1/4″

Ladies – 12 1/2″


Available in 40, 45 & 50 caliber
Kit Unassembled (Plain Maple) $1,050
Curly Maple Upgrade  +$100
Select Grades Of Wood Are Available Upon Request $250+
Custom assembly of kits available upon request.