Cased Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig

Pair of Hand-Crafted, custom 18th Century, Lancaster County Pennsylvania style Flintlock Pistols by Shane Emig. Pistols are engraved No. 1 and No. 2 on respective barrel tangs. They have been stocked in hard Curly Maple and finished with traditional 18th Century finishes. Also employed in their construction is a pair of custom made barrels, one .54 smoothbore and one .54 rifled, both with sterling silver sights, heavily modified small Siler Locks, hand “swaged” butt caps and custom brass mounts. Both Pistols are fully hand-engraved in the 18th Century manner on the butt caps and trigger guards. Both pistols were also fit with handmade sterling silver inlays and hand engraved W.W.
Pistols are housed in an entirely Hand-Made Walnut case with hand cut dovetails and project specific brass hardware. Case is correctly partition with specific compartments for components and accouterments. Case is also properly felt lined and finished. All case work was performed by hand and in the 18th Century manner.
Case also contains correct Accouterments for the period. A hand made loading and cleaning rod, hand-made turn screw, hand finished ball mold, British made leather powder flask, British made Brass oil bottle, round ball cast from period mold, shooting patches and extra flints. The Walnut case is finished off with a period correct, custom made makers label on the inside of the lid.
These pistols were also photographed and shown in the American Tradition magazine, Volume 4, No. 1 winter 2013.
Pistols are SOLD

Price: $12,500.00