Caywood Southern Mountain Rifle

This extremely slim and dainty Southern Mountain rifle by Caywood is outfitted with iron furniture, a 39″ swamped full octagon barrel in .45 caliber and a finely made “hardware store” style lock. Included with the rifle is a second, fully finished and drop in ready .32 caliber barrel. This gun features a 6 inch lollipop style breech plug tang, double-lever, double set triggers, crescent style butt plate, inletted entry thimble, end cap and toe plate. This is Caywoods custom model with upgraded curly maple stock, iron patchbox with custom engraving, engraved trigger guard bow and carving around the cheekpiece. It remains in very good condition with very minimal sign of usage.
Weighing only 4.75 lbs with the .45 caliber barrel and around 5 lbs when outfitted with the .32 caliber barrel, this is a great little lightweight rifle to add to your lineup.

Price: $4,300.00