Colonial American Fowler

Our Colonial American Fowler is a Lancaster county Pennsylvania Style fowling piece from the 1760-1780 period. It is based largely on a surviving example believed to have been made by John Newcomer in, Hempfield Twp, Lancaster County. One of the most unique and pleasing features of the American Fowler is the resulting overall architecture that occurs from the blending of the Germanic and English traditions of gun making. This cultural blending produces a hybrid fowling piece that is slender and graceful yet also exhibits the strong and sturdy construction of the Germanic gun making tradition. We are confident that you will enjoy the quality and visual appeal of our Colonial American Fowler, which has been the tradition of Pennsylvania German gunsmiths for over 200 years.

*Our Colonial American Fowler is no longer available in KIT form. However, through our custom shop we are able to build you a finished rifle that is personally taylored to your order.

  • Lock– Precision assembled Large Siler Flintlock.
  • Barrel– Custom made by the Colerain Barrel Co. This 42″ long tapered and flared, octagon to round barrel is a copy of a very fine original fowler barrel. Available in 28 ga, 24 ga, and 20 ga. smooth bore.
  • Stock– Select Northern Curly Maple is available in multiple grades. Walnut, Cherry, and Ash are also available.
  • Options– Available options include a Rear Sight, silver inlay work, and custom engraving. Left-Hand version also available.
  • Deluxe Model– Through our custom shop we are able to offer a fully decorated fowler with a wide variety of decorative upgrades, including inlay work, relief carving and hand engraving. All of our work is performed in a manner authentic to the period.


Basic Dimensions
OAL – 57 1/2″ Drop at Heel – 2 3/4″
Trigger Pull – 13 5/8″ Drop at Comb – 1 5/8″
Width of Butt – 2 1/16″ Barrel Length – 42″
Height of Butt – 5 1/4″ Weight in 20 ga.- 7 lbs.


Available in 54, 58 & 62 caliber
Equivalent to 28 ga, 24 ga, and 20 ga.
     Custom pricing available upon request