Colonial Virginia Rifle

Rifles made in the 18th Century in the Southern Colonies as a whole, display traits and characteristics that vary widely. The evolution of the southern longrifle in Colonial American was much more erratic than that of it’s Pennsylvania counterpart. Many of these southern rifles also exhibit the efforts of a gunsmith trying to blend the heritage of the Germanic style of gunsmithing with that of the English. The resulting overall appearance is a direct reflection of the sophistication of this cultural blending.
It is known that some, if not many of these southern gunsmiths, traveled through Lancaster and York during their journey to their final destination in Virginia. Some may have received their training here in Pennsylvania. Others were at least exposed to the regional characteristics that were in vogue during the period. Subsequently, some of these Virginia rifles display the influence of those Pennsylvania characteristics.
For our Colonial Virginia Rifle we have chosen to reproduce the effects of this Pennsylvania influence. We hope that you will enjoy the heritage of this unique rifle.

  • Lock– Precision assembled Large Siler Flintlock.
  • Barrel– 42″ long tapered and flared barrel by the Colerain Barrel Co. Available in .50 .54 & .58 caliber. Rifled with early style round bottom rifling.
  • Stock– Available in 4 grades of Select Northern Curly Maple. Walnut, Cherry, and Ash are also available.
  • Options– Many individual options such as a patchbox, silver inlay work, engraving and carving are available to customize the base model gun. Please call for specific information and prices.
  • Deluxe Model– Through our custom rifle shop we are able to offer a fully decorated Virginia Rifle. This includes a patchbox, silver inlay work, carving, and engraving authentic to the period.


Basic Dimensions
Overall Length- 57 1/2″ Drop at Heel- 2 3/4″
Trigger Pull- 13 5/8″ Drop at Comb- 1 5/8″
Width of Butt- 1 15/16″ Cast Off- 1/4″
Height of Butt- 4 7/8″ Weight in 54 cal. – 8 lbs.


Available in .50 .54 & .58 caliber
Kit Unassembled (Grade 1 Maple) $925.00
Grade 2 Maple Add $50.00
Grade 3 Maple Add $100.00
Custom assembly of kits available, price upon request.