Colonial American Pistol

Introducing our newest kit, the Colonial American Pistol. This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War. This project was many years in the making with exhaustive research and prototype work. With the exception of the Small Siler Lock, each and every part is created exclusively for this unique project, which insures absolute quality and authenticity throughout.

Through our custom shop we are able to build you a finished rifle that is personally taylored to your order.  Also available in kit form.

  • Lock– Precision assembled Small Siler Flintlock.
  • Barrel– Our unique barrel is being CNC Machined exclusively for this pistol. It measures 8 3/4″ long and is octagon to round – tapered and flared, with a graceful wedding band at the transition. It is also supplied with a hand-fit breech plug, which insures the absolute finest in quality and function. It is available in .50 and .54 caliber smoothbore and rifled.
  • Stock– Select Northern Curly Maple is available in 3 grades. Walnut, Cherry and Ash are also available.
  • Options– A large variety of individual options are available to customize your pistol to your individual requirements.
  • Custom Model– Through our custom shop we are able to offer a fully decorated pistol which would include custom mounts, silver inlay work, and all carving and engraving authentic to the period.


Basic Dimensions
OAL – 14″ Weight .54 cal. – 2 lbs.
Width of Butt – 1.5″ Height at breech – 4.5″


Available in 50 & 54 caliber
Kit Unassembled (Plain Maple) $975.00
Curly Maple Stock +$50.00
Select Maple Stock +$100.00
*Custom assembly of kits available upon request.