Custom 50 caliber York Rifle

Nice custom .50 caliber York rifle built by Mike Ruggero.  Mike had been a student of ours for a few years in a row and had attended our annual Arms Making Workshop for the duration of this build.  During his tenure here Mike spent many countless hours hand making a lot of the parts for this rifle and hand stocking it from a blank.  Aside from the buttplate and trigger guard all of the other mounts were hand made by Mike here in our shop.  The 2 piece patchbox was completely hand fabricated from sheet brass and features all hand made springs and a hand forged latch. Mike also hand swaged the one piece muzzle cap from sheet brass as well all three brass ram rod pipes.  The sideplate was also hand made from brass sheet and hand filed in the York style.  Other notable features on the rifle would include the silver wire inlay surrounding the brass star in the cheek piece, the carving on the forestock and the hand engraving which was performed by Brad.  Overall Mike did a beautiful job stocking this rifle and the curly maple stock really brings it all together.

The Getz barrel is 44″ long, tapered and flared, with 7 groove rifling and the muzzle has been hand coned by Brad for ease of loading.  The lock is a Deluxe Siler from Jim Chambers that has been completely gone over and fine tuned by Brad for a fast and reliable ignition.  The triggers are Davis double-sets.

The rifle measures 60″ in overall length with about a 13 3/4″ trigger pull.

Price: $4500.00