Custom .54 caliber York Rifle SOLD

This custom York rifle was built by Mike Ruggero, who was a student during our Arms Making Workshop. During his time in class Mike made all of the hand made mounts for this rifle. He hand hammered and swaged the buttplate from sheet brass, hand swaged the one-piece muzzlecap, hand rolled and filed the ram rod pipes, cut out and filed the sideplate and worked up one of our hand cast trigger guards. He hand forged a custom trigger plate and trigger to match the regional style of the rifle. Mike built the rifle from a blank, laying off the proper dimensions for correct breech clearance and trigger geometry. He used an original George Schroyer rifle to pattern the architecture from. All of the parts were completely inlet by hand and all of the stock shaping was done using traditional 18th Century techniques. Mike finished off the rifle with a hand made wooden patchbox. It was stained with aqua fortis and finished with hand rubed linseed oil. The barrel is a 42 inch Colerain “C” weight in .54 caliber and the lock is a large Siler that has been hand tuned by Brad.

Price: $2100.00