Custom Hunting Bag SOLD

This is a great 18th Century style bag that has been Brad’s personal hunting and shooting bag for several years. This bag definitely has “The Look” as it has traveled many miles while trekking and hunting in the Eastern Pennsylvania woods. The bag measures approximately 9″ wide and 9 1/2″ tall, and contains many unique features. There is an ample size pocket on the back of the bag where Brad always carried his fire starting kit as well as several topographical maps. The front side of the shoulder strap is equipped with a wonderful “slide pocket” as well as a sheath for a patch knife. The back of the strap is fully adjustable, with a period correct brass buckle. The interior of the bag contains two large compartments, set at different levels, in order to provide easy access. Each large compartment has also been fit with an accessory pocket. The complete interior has been well thought out, in order to provide maximum storage in a limited space. The bag is completely hand sewn and is very high quality. The entire perimeter of the bag is finished with hand sewn “piping”, as are the top edges of the interior compartments. The exterior is finished with a unique flap design that is both visually pleasing and highly functional. This bag was custom made for Brad by Speedy Hogarth. As a bonus, we are including a hand made ball bag at no additional cost.

Price: $225.00