Early Dickert Rifle

This rifle, recently built by Shane, is based on the earliest work of Jacob Dickert that would have a heavy Moravian influence, though not a copy of any existing rifle. It features a custom, 44″ long Wrought Iron barrel that was developed just for this project. The lock on the rifle is a Davis Colonial American Flintlock that has been heavily modified to fit the build. Other than the lock and barrel, every other part on the rifle has been made by hand here at the shop using 18th Century tools and technology. The double set triggers, all springs, lock bolts and wood screws were all hand made. The butt plate, ram rod pipes and muzzle cap were hand swaged, fit and filed. The trigger guard and side plate blank were both hand cast here at the shop. The four piece patch box is made in the style of a known surviving patch box attributed to the early years of Jacob Dickert and all hand engraved and stippled. The rear sight is made from wrought iron and hand engraved while the front sight is made of wrought iron and coin silver. The muzzle has been punch decorated, and the breech area of the barrel has been inlaid with a silver cartouche to signify that the barrel is one of our custom wrought barrels.