Tomahawk by Beaver Bill w/ “Encounter” Art Print SOLD

Art Print and Tomahahwk together as a set.

The hammer pole tomahawk was forged by Beaver Bill, and is the same as the tomahawk that was used as a model in the painting “Encounter” by Andrew Knez Jr.

The painting depicts the expansion of white settlers west of the Allegheny Mountains and into the Ohio country, post Revolutionary War.

The hawk is styled after an original late 18th century tomahawk that was found in Ohio.  It features a teardrop shaped eye, slung back blade, and file decorated hammer pole.  The head measures approximately 7 1/2″ long with an 18 1/4″ haft.

The print by Andrew Knez Jr still remains in its original dust jacket, and measures 18″ tall by 10″ wide.

Price: $320.00