Fantastic Original Bag and Horn SOLD

This is a great homespun bag with an original 18th Century horn attached to it. The strap looks to be harness leather, that is adjustable using an iron buckle. The bag appears to possibly be made from an old feed bag, stitched together and outfitted with the horn. The horn has fantastic form and workmanship. It features a hard pine plug with an iron staple, great color, perfect form with a nice curve and twist and a very nicely executed spout with extremely well done carvings. The two carved bands where the strap is attached are interesting, one is a nice round band, while the other has a diamond faceted type design. The spout is then carved with a very nice bulb design. The horn measures about 17″ on the outside curve, making it a very nice size horn. The bag and strap are fragile, as they are old and worn. The horn however, is in great shape for its age, and is almost completely air tight still!

Price: $225.00