Germanic Two Light Candle Stand SOLD

This is a great 18th Century style, adjustable iron candle stand. It is made to mimic the best two light candle stands that were being produced in the 18th Century by German emigrants in America. The base has been forged with tapered legs that terminate in penny feet, while the main upright shaft displays an integral forged style wedding band, then continuing into a tapered shaft. This candle stand features traditional style candle sockets with large drip cups that are riveted to the large “lollipops” on the cross bar. The cross bar is highly decorated, as well as the lower cross bar. The cage also features forged accoutrement hooks that are riveted to the cage where the springs are held on. These hooks are commonly used to hold a candle snuffer and a wick trimmer. The overall height is about 23 inches.

Price: $195.00