Early Transitional Rifle by Brad Fountain SOLD

This early transitional rifle, built by Brad Fountain of the Colonial Williamsburg gunshop, is a copy of rifle #40 from “Rifles of Colonial America” Volume 1, and is an early Eastern Pennsylvania style rifle with strong Germanic architecture and decoration.  Shumway makes comparisons between this rifle and the Edward Marshall rifle in RCA, as well as making note of Kindigs comparison between this rifle and Schroyers earliest work, most notably the decorative motifs from each.  It’s definitly an interesting rifle with its early and robust Germanic influence, and Brad captures the essence of the original rifle perfectly, with its plain Maple stock, wooden patchbox, relief carving and brass mountings.  The 38″ long .62 caliber smoothbore barrel also keeps right on par with the length of the original.  The overall length of the rifle is 53″ and has a trigger pull length of 12 7/8″.

Price: $3200.00