J.P. Beck – Early Rifle SOLD

This unique rifle is a bench copy of gun # 100 in Rifles Of Colonial America and represents Becks earliest work from the 1770 s.  The prominent stock architecture exhibits a strong Germanic influence while the bold carving style that later became Becks signature characteristic also contains traditional Germanic artistic ingredients.  The trigger and triggerguard display their Germanic heritage with bold rococo design elements as well.  It is stocked in a brilliant piece of Presentation Quality Sugar Maple with a 54 caliber Wrought Iron barrel & handmade sights.  Other features of the gun include; Custom made traditional lock:   Fully engraved unique handmade triggerguard:   All handmade brass mounts:   Hand forged lock bolts & tang bolt:   Handmade wood screws:   Hand forged trigger & trigger plate:   and "Antique" finish on entire rifle.

Price: $9800.00