Early J.P. Beck Style Rifle in .54 Caliber SOLD

This unsigned early style J.P. Beck rifle was custom built using a Bill Large barrel and a Bud Siler flintlock.  The 44″ long Bill Large barrel is tapered and flared and measures approximately 1 1/16″ at the breech and just under 1″ at the muzzle.  The barrel is marked under the breech “W.M. Large” and has a “00” stamped on a top flat.  The Bud Siler lock has been completely gone over by Brad and hand tuned for a fast and reliable ignition.  The rifle is stocked in curly maple and features a hand made sliding wood patchbox, relief carving and a nice “aged” patina on the brass and iron.  Trigger pull length is 13 5/8”.

Price: $2400.00