J.P. Beck

This rifle is built in the style of J.P. Beck.  The stock is a piece of rock hard curly maple that was hand sculpted and shaped after the barrel was inlet.  It features a 38" Colerain barrel in .54 caliber.  The lock is a Chambers Golden Age lock that we re-worked.  This rifle has a lot of custom features while also incorporating some commercial hardware.  The rifle features tapered pipes with a matching tapered rod and hand made iron tip.  Both sights are handmade with the front featuring a silver blade.  The sideplate was handmade from sheet brass while the buttplate and triggerguard were sand cast.  The "Whale Tail" four-piece brass box is done in the direct style of Beck right down to the cavity and release mechanism.   All engraving was done by hand with an engraving chisel and hammer.  The star was handmade using sterling silver and engraved by hand also.  Some other small features we did in the style of Beck were the shaped barrel tang shaped trigger plate and the design of the trigger.  All the brass were filed in the direct style of a Beck rifle.