Joe Mills Bag SOLD

This Awesome little bag was made by Joe Mills.  Like most of Joes work this bag has a great look and feel to it.  If you didn t know any different you d think it was an original.  The pouch measures 8" wide and 6 1/2" tall which makes for a great sized bag.  It s all hand sewn and features a linen lining on the inside.  Also on the inside of the bag is a small flint pouch.  On the back side this bag features an original knife that has a great look and feel to it.  The blade measures 4 1/2" with an overall length of 8".  On the strap attached by leather cord is a hand made pick and brush along with a nice hand made 30 grain powder measure.  The bag also features an adjustable strap with a brass buckle.  This bag features so many nice details you just can t go wrong with it.  

Price: $350.00