Johanes Faber Rifle

This rifle is based off the Johanes Faber rifle.

This rifle features a 44" Colerain barrel rifled in 50 cal and has a Chambers Virginia Lock.  With the exception of those two pieces the rest of the rifle will have all handmade mounts and hardware and will be stocked from a blank of Curly Maple.  The sideplate is handmade from a piece of cast sheet brass that was cast here in our shop.  The trigger and the trigger plate were hand forged and hand filed and polished to shape and fit to the gun.  The handmade buttplate is made from soft yellow brass and is swaged and all hand shaped.  The batchbox cavity was hand drilled and chiseled square and the dovetails were hand cut.  The patchbox lid is made from one piece and the dovetails were hand cut as well as the moldings and all shaping being done by hand.  The wrist inlay is hand cut and shaped from a piece of sheet brass and was hand inlet and brass nails were used to pin it down.  The Ram Rod pipes are hand made as well.  They are hand rolled/swaged from sheet brass and all hand filed and polished.  The muzzle cap for this rifle is a One Piece hand swaged cap with an integral ram rod groove.  The entry pipe is hand rolled/swaged just like the two foreward pipes and features a long tapered finial just like the original.  The trigger guard was hand cast here in the shop off one of our own custom patterns that was specifically made for this rifle.  All file work was cut in by hand and the guard was all hand fit and fully polished by hand.

This rifle was built by Shane Emig and the triggerguard buttplate wrist inlay and sideplate were all engraved using 18th Century technology by Brad Emig.