Original 18th Century "Smooth Rifle" SOLD

This is a very unique and interesting gun, fresh from a collection in Lancaster Pa. The octagon to round smoothbore barrel is still full length at 46 5/8 inches long and retains a beautiful oxidized surface. The gun is stocked in walnut and is relief carved behind the entry pipe and barrel tang, as well as around the trigger plate and the forward extension of the trigger guard. There are some old repairs visible on the stock at the muzzle end. The brass mounts are spectacular and show possible Dutch influence. They are bold in style and nicely engraved. The flintlock also has a nice patina and shows an old repair on the cock. This is a long, slender gun with bold features and a warm, rustic appearance. It is being offered at a very modest price and would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

Price: $1900.00