Original English Dueling Pistol SOLD

This is a beautiful example of a period English dueling pistol.  It remains in wonderful shape for its age and the condition of the lock cannot be overlooked; it is in outstanding condition and still looks like new on the inside, even retaining its original colors from heat treating.  The sliding bar lock works flawlessly as does all other functions of the lock.  The top flat of the barrel is marked “London” and the lock plate is marked “Henshaw”.  The brass mounts are all hand engraved, and of exceptional note is the pineapple finial on the forward extension of the triggerguard.  The barrel tang is ornately hand engraved as well and it features an integrated rear sight at the breech.  Overall this is a fine example of an original piece, with the only thing missing from the pistol being the ram rod which is very common, and easily replaceable.  It measures 15″ in overall length with a full octagon barrel measuring 10″ in length.

Price: $1500.00