Original George Cunkle Rifle

This is a spectacular gun by an extremely rare maker. George Cunkle worked in Harrisburg Pa. between 1800 and 1840. This rifle was built with a famous “Pennabecker” octagon barrel that still retains its original bore and rifling. The muzzle is also nicely decorated. It is stocked in curly maple and displays a beautiful pierced and engraved four piece patchbox. Eleven silver inlays were also employed for its decoration. The engraved Golcher Lock and hand made Double-Set triggers are original to the gun. The toe plate and barrel tang are fully engraved and a shaped and pierced forestock plate adds to the overall quality of this great gun. As a bonus, this gun still retains 95% of its original finish. Please take time to study the photos well, as this rifle offers a great deal of traditional quality and precise workmanship for a very reasonable investment. There is an old repair in the wrist area and a small toe plate repair, otherwise this rifle offers absolutely no apologies at all. The surface condition is soft, warm and very appealing. Please call if you have any questions, or if you wish to discuss this rifle in greater detail.

Price: $4500.00