Original Screw Tip Powderhorn SOLD

Exceptional Eastern Pennsylvania screw tip powderhorn with great color and uncleaned original surfaces.  The horn exhibits a dramatic “curve and twist” profile with a wonderful “double tulip” screw on tip, as evidence of the expert skill of the original maker.  Another unique and very pleasing feature of this horn is the domed and decorated base plug, which still retains most of its original varnish finish and stands slightly proud of the horn at their intersection.  Two wrought iron staples serve as attachment points for the horn strap, and are still secure and functional.  The overall length of the horn on the outside curve is approximately 15 inches.  This horn is “tight” and can be filled with powder and put back into service if you desire.  This is a very pleasing horn with many unique and interesting features, and remains in superb condition.

Price: $500.00