Decorative Knife by Ken Gahagan SOLD

This is a beautifully crafted riflemans knife made by Ken Gahagan. The hand forged blade measures 7 1/2″ long and shows Kens earliest insignia of a cursive “G” at the base of the blade by the brass bolster. The “rope twist” decorated handle has been hand sculpted from elk bone and is fit with a beautifully crafted brass pommel that threads onto the handle via the tang of the knife. The file work on the pommel, handle, bolster and spine of the blade are simply exquisite and really set this knife apart from the rest. The handle measures 5″ long giving the knife an overall length of 12 1/2″ from pommel to tip. The center seam sheath has also been hand stitched by Ken to accompany the knife. The overall shape of this knife is extremely pleasing to the eye and extremely comfortable in the hand. It would make a great addition to any knife collection or reenactment ensemble.

Price: $795.00